Thursday, March 31, 2011

We are starting to pack

We have started to pack for our trip. As you may or may not know we are headed to Kyrgyzstan on a mission trip. We will be serving with John Wright – mostly loving on kids living in the garbage dump, and in the orphanages and men in an invalid men’s home. We connected with John through Laura’s adoption. We began supporting his work in 2008 when 5 men froze to death inside the invalid men’s home because of the horrid conditions. Through his work and guidance what was once a horrible place is slowly coming to life. Just last week they held the first English class at the men’s home. They also have an art room, a barber shop and many men have been baptized. Men who had been shoved into a building and forgotten by a society are now being given an opportunity to live.

Some have asked whether they can donate items for us to take with us. If you want to make donations we will gladly haul it to them. Specific items asked for are:
• Infant Tylenol
• Advil cold and sinus + with antihistamine
• Glucose blood test strips .. the brand I have machines here for is the Accu-check compact Plus test strip, but most brands when you buy the strips, they give you a tester for free
• Hot chocolate from America.. the individual packs are a real treat
• Microwave popcorn is a big hit
• Basic ointments (Neosporin, Cortisone etc)
• Creams
• Vitamins

Of course we would appreciate your prayers – travel there will take 24 solid hours (and another 24 home).

If you want to read more about John’s work his blog is

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