Saturday, February 28, 2015

We are in Kyrgyzstan

We made it!!!

We safely made it to Kyrgyzstan with out any problems.  God definitely took care of us.  It was 24 hours of traveling and everyone did great.  Logan pretty much defied sleep the whole trip and was unphased.  The rest of us did a lot of sleeping in awkward and uncomfortable positions.

The only heart stopping moment was more of a cultural thing.  When we arrived at the Kyrgyzstan airport they told the Vilardo 5 we could not get off the plane because we were waiting on a wheelchair.  We assumed they were getting Logan’s chair out from the bottom of the plane.  We waited deboarded and were met by 5 Kyrgyz military men with one wheelchair – not Logan’s.  They motioned for us to place him in the chair and asked for his passport.  Two of them started walking pushing him and motioned for us to follow.  We reached a set of doors and they went through it and pointed for us to go down the steps.  We walked about two blocks and came to passport control where the rest of the group was waiting at the back of a huge line.  So for about 10 minutes we were Loganless.  Obviously the Kyrgyz military does not know it is not cool to separate a Mama from her child in a foreign country.  All is well.  Logan didn’t care and my blood pressure is back to normal. 

We then all got our luggage and made it through Kyrgyz customs without any problems. John Julie and team were all waiting for us as we exited. 

We had a great dinner with the team back at John and Julies apartment.  Logan got to play with their new rabbit.  They asked him to name it…  he said “rabbit” but with his speech issues they all thought he said “Robert” and named the rabbit after Papa.

At about 9pm Kyrgyz time we divided into our two groups and headed to our apartments.  We have a very clean and small apartment.  We have a bathroom, a kitchen and one room where the 5 of us sleep.  It is perfect.  The rest of the team is staying with Emma and Jengish at their apartment.

In the morning we will be picked up for breakfast at 7:45am and then headed to church in Tokmok and then off to the lost village.  This village was once home to 150,000 and now has 150.  We will be delivering Samaritan Purse Christmas shoeboxes.  How cool to get to deliver them as in past years we have made them….

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