Monday, September 3, 2012


Autocephalous Orthodox Church: Cathedral of the Holy Apostle Andrew (Above)
Our apartment is up the street to the right of the building with red sign on top
Underground mall area
Saint Sophia Cathedral (Above)
Saint Michael's Cathedral (Above)
A movie being filmed between St. Sophia and St Michael's Cathedrals

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  1. thought introduce myself. I'm a lurker. Been following alix forever it seems. I am single mom to 2 boys adopted from USA and Russia. My youngest (adopted from Russia) has multiple missing limbs which is why Alix caught my eye. I see so few comments just wanted to let you know someone is 'listening' and sending prayers and eagerly awaiting updates. Take lots and lots of pictures! I felt like I had way too many then got home and only had ~150 pictures which seems like a lot but really isn't: my boy craved pictures when first came home.