Thursday, March 14, 2013


Although the city we live in has a great Children's medical facility we found it too hard to navigate for a boy that has lots of physical issues.  We started at the adoption clinic, then were sent to pediatric rehab, then to ortho for spine, ortho for arms, ortho for legs, then to the missing limbs clinic.  (Umm why didn't we just get to start there?)
Finally we gave up and headed to Shriner's in Lexington.
In one day we met the doctor, prosthetist, did OT and PT.  Then scheduled back to get started with making legs.

After being casted we waited 8 weeks for the legs to be made.
Yesterday we went for a fitting.

Legs ended up being a lot of work.  They are hot, heavy and require muscle usage that have not developed.  One little boy was not so happy when we got home.

But Mom is the queen of pushing her kids to do everything they can and would not let one depressed boy quit.
Very shortly one boy experienced success!!

We still have a long ways to go but in just a few hours we went from not wanting to put on our legs to asking to do it.
It is still hard!
Stamina wise we can only tolerate them on for about 5 minutes but now we can stand on our own for 30 seconds!!
The prosthetist didn't think that would happen for several weeks.
I wonder if we will surprise him by walking when we go back in two weeks???


  1. Yeah, that is so so exciting! Once he builds enough muscle those legs will open up so many opportunities for him! So happy :)

  2. THANK YOU for updating... I've been praying and checking back, hoping to read something as wonderful as this! No stopping him now :)

  3. Hi. I am interested in Simon and would love to hear your thoughts about him. How can I get in contact with you? I don't see an email address anywhere and I am hesitant to leave mine on here for everyone to see. But I'd live to get in contact with you! Thanks!