Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Because of Mason's scheduled surgery at Cedar Sinai we decided to all go to California for spring break. We spent two days in Santa Monica with the hopes of spending a lot of time at the beach.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and the sun only came out for about an hour the two days we were there.  The rest of the time it was cold and wet. But we took advantage of that one hour of sun.  I cannot tell you how many times I watched the big kids interact with Logan and felt my heart swell.  They are so good with him.  He loved it when Mason would throw him up on his back/shoulders and take off running to the beach.  Dawsyn and Bransen were both great for pushing him in the wheelchair and plotting to runaway and hide form everyone else.  Laura is so patient with him.  She carried him up the steps to the waterslide countless times.  No small feat when he weighs as much as her.

 Logan LOVED the ocean.  He was mad he couldn't go out farther and kept saying next time he was wearing his legs and going out deeper.

 Rhonda and Raven were sweet enough to host the clan for Easter dinner.  We all enjoyed her delicious lasgna.  After dinner we headed to Disneyland.  The plus of them bumping Mason's admission back a day was I got to go to Disney with Logan for his first time.  Here are the kids enjoying the pool. Some serious matches of chicken fights took place!

Logan found out some of the fun of being taller.  Although he can walk slightly with the walker he cannot walk on his own yet.  He did figure out how to rest on the counter and move around.  Then he realized he was tall enough to pull himself up, turn on the water and get a drink.
 This is how we toured Disneyland.  We kept both legs on as we moved around in the chair.  Then when it was our turn on the ride we would pull off the right leg so he could fit on the ride. He is an adrenaline junkie.  The faster and crazier the ride the more he loved it. 
He loves the pool! For hours this is what he would do.
This was the last thing I got to do with him before Mason and I headed to the hospital.  Robert and the kids got to spend three more days at Disneyland before flying home on the day of Mason's surgery.  I think everyone enjoyed spring break.

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  1. That is SO GREAT, to see, thank you! Praise the Lord!