Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hockey Monday - Awesome Night

Last night was awesome!!
Mason and Logan started sled hockey!!

Words cannot describe the excitement Logan had on Sunday night when we told him he would be playing.  Honestly he had no idea what it was he was going to play but he has watched enough sports that he understood it was going to be his turn.  He was thrilled that it would be him and Mason and that I was going to come watch.  He understood clearly that not everyone was going to play and that it was just the two of him.  He squealed with delight, bounced up and down and screamed "Thank you Mama!" and gave me his biggest hug.  All evening he kept saying "Tomorrow Logan and Mason hockey"

He woke up early Monday talking about hockey.  He greeted me at the door after working saying let's go to hockey.  Here he is talking about it as I gathered what we needed to go.

For Mason this was his first time back on the ice since he fractured his neck playing hockey almost two years ago.  He was happy to be getting to skate too. (Not quite as excited as its not the same)
We had some challenges trying to figure out how to attach the hockey stick to his arm.  It would stay attached for awhile and then fall off.  We would have to take him off the ice and reattach.  As we would take him off the ice he would start saying "More hockey! Go more hockey!"
The head coach came over twice and said he hasn't stopped smiling.
I could hear him yelling at Mason to "go go"

The first thing he asked when it was over was if he could come play hockey tomorrow. 
We have heard a million times
"Hockey Monday!!"


  1. Love this. . . His excitement was so sweet.

  2. Our kids' hockey organization has played several games against that team. :)

  3. Amazing! What a great opportunity! I honestly would be scared to let my kids do it, but know they would enjoy it just as much! You are a great mom!