Friday, November 22, 2013

Typical stuff

Thought I would share some video from some every day stuff with Logan

Here he is doing his homework...

Unfortunately our cleaning lady quit to find a real job.... So lately we have all been pitching in and cleaning the house.  The first few time Logan sadly watched feeling left out.  Then we figured out ways to involve him!!  He was so happy to help (wish the others were that happy to help!)

It's been fun to watch his developmental growth.  When he first came he only wanted to play with infant toys.  He then progressed to big cars, then was crazy about trains... Thomas, Percy, James.   This week he has moved onto Spider-Man.  He doesn't remember he was Spider-Man last year for Halloween.  (This year Uncle Jimmy made him a cool Thomas to ride in)

But now life is Spider-Man.  He has the theme song from the old cartoons on his iPad .  Here he is just being wild and crazy with his new favorite song- being played for the 500th time tonight...

Several have asked how his English is coming along.  I typically can understand him.  At this point it is more his speech issue (end consonant deletion) that challenges people.  Here he is telling on his sister, Laura, for slamming the shower door on Dawsyn's fingers.

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