Monday, October 22, 2012

Advocacy - Max

One of the hardest parts of international adoption is leaving the other kids behind.  When we adopted Laura it was a little easier because we knew most of the kids were just social orphans - they had family that would come and visit and had the hope of reunification.

That is not the case for the boys of Logan's institution.  Although he and his friends were the 9 lucky ones their future is bleak.  We saw first had what their life will be like.  They are fortunate - they are higher functioning and will be given jobs on the institution grounds and have a minimal purpose in life.  It won't be anything like the life Logan will have with opportunities abounding.  They will wake up and do there job, they will be fed and then do there job, fed again and then put to bed.  They will never leave the institution. 

One of the boys I worry most about is Maxiim.  He appears to have cerebral palsy. He is stiff and a bit distorted.  He does not have the luxury of PT and OT to help him function better.  He sits hour after hour in a wheel chair. 

He will not be one that is given a job onthe grounds like the others.  As he gets older and bigger he will be moved to a bed and left there.  He will be put in a diaper and left in bed - fed there and left - the diaper changed once or twice a day.  He will no longer be taken outside he will just be left to lay there.

For the first two days I did not notice Max.  When I did see him he had been wheeled outside, the wheelchair parked and left alone for three hours. 

The rest of the boys interacted with us.  As I pushed Logan's wheelchair back to the house I waved at Max.  His eyes came to life - he was noticed.  Later when I returned he waved and smiled. 

After that I made it a point to include Max as much as possible.  I would push his wheelchair to where the group was. If we were playing with balloons I would make sure he had one.  He soon learned to pop the balloon.  He thought it was hysterical.  It also got him attention - everyone would look. 

Of all the kids there I think he has the most room for improvement.  With a family that will stretch him and help him I think he has a ton of potential!  He is speech delayed also but again has so much potential.  If you want to know more about Max contact me.  He is listed on Reece's Rainbow with the screen name of Evan.  Here is the link


  1. Oh!! Thank you so much for the update. My little boy LOVES 'Evan'. He asks about him everytime he catches me on RR. My son, adopted from Russia 3 years ago (can't believe my boy is 7 years old!) has multiple missing limbs and I was showing him Alix's picture.

    We scrolled through and caught an early (no longer on RR) picture of Evan in a wheel chair. My son is hooked. He was so upset to read that Evan was being picked on! Unfortunately, I'm single (not to mention totally in debt now) but I and my son (age 6) are praying for Evan every night!

  2. Julie, I cannot begin to tell you how much of a miracle it is that I stumbled upon your blog!
    The other day, I came across a BBC documentary on the forgotten children of the Ukraine. My heart swells with love for orphans born with physical and mental disabilities, and this documentary touched my heart deeply. I was moved with despair for these precious children.
    After watching the documentary, I was scrolling through a page on Reece's Rainbow that showed the children who found their "forever families." It was then that I came across a picture of your son.
    I was shocked to find that it was the same little boy who was featured on the BBC documentary! I could not believe that a day earlier I was watching footage of your son in an institution, and now to find that he was rescued and adopted by your family!
    I was looking through your pictures in tears. Through this, Jesus reminded me that even when certain situations seem hopeless, He provides for these children and redeems them from their broken life in institutions in the Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.
    Thank you so much for giving Logan a new beautiful life that gives him the opportunity to love and to be loved. The opportunity to live out the purpose the Lord designed in him. He shines God's glory so brightly.
    I'm so moved and touched to have "witnessed" this redemption story.