Sunday, October 21, 2012


The girls were in the Ohio Christian Schools state volleyball championship this weekend.  So we had to make a road trip 3.5 hours north.  One little boy was very nervous about this.  He closely watched our travel as we drove.  When we got to the hotel he was not happy to hear we were sleeping there - he wanted to go home.  Through dinner he repeated a milllion times - tomorrow we go home.  After dinner we took him to the pool swimming.  He is an absolute fish.  He loves to fall into the water - he does not anyone close to him.  He falls to the bottom of the pool  eventually rises to the top and waits for you to pull him out.  He can hold his breath for a super long time! 


After an hour of swimming he fell asleep quickly.  He awoke expecting to go home right away.  Less then happy with the plan of eat, volleyball, eat volleyball, eat go home.  A million times of reviewing the plan and we finally headed home.  He was one thrilled boy when we pulled into the driveway!!
And one last vidoe of another thing we have figured out how to do.... Open and close our bedroom door.


  1. Hi, I'm John Mark's (From RR) soon to be Momma. I really enjoy your blog! I wanted to tell you about a beautiful and amazing movie I recently saw. I. Guessing you have already seen it but I thought I would go ahead and tell you about it on the off chance that you haven't. It's called The Butterfly Circus. You can find it on YouTube. It was created by a man who was born with no limbs - none. Also you can find a link with an interview on my blog :)

  2. I had missed the bathroom door video! Another great use of the backscratcher!

  3. As I sit here and cry tears of joy... this was one of my heart babies i have prayed for to get a forever family. will you please email me? id like to keep in contact. he is doing amazing. my email is