Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Bus

Things continue to go well.  Logan is going to school full time.  He seems to enjoy it.  Yesterday was his first day to ride the bus.  We have a teen friend who gets him off the bus and gives him a snack and nap until I get home an hour later. The bus driver told her there was a little mishap... She forgot to strap the wheelchair in (because "she is new at this") and it toppled over. So we asked Logan about this. He was hysterical talking furiously in whatever language he speaks showing us what happened. Shaking his body back and forth spinning in a circle and falling over yelling "oopa". Fortunately he wasn't hurt. It had us in tears laughing as each time he showed a sibling he got more animated. By the time I got it on video you would have thought a tornado had come thru the bus. 

So here is the exaggerated story...

 For those that are more overprotective then me Robert is on the safety committee for the district and is calling the head guy to enlighten him. It is not being taken too lightly. But the reenactment did provide us with some good laughs.


  1. Glad he's ok...tough guy :) Thanks for the update.

  2. That's the boy I remember in the documentary. I'm glad all is going good. I admire your dedication and love for him.

  3. Wow, he's quite the actor! :)

    Glad he's okay!!