Monday, March 2, 2015


We started the morning with pancakes, eggs and sausage followed by devotions.   At 9am we headed out for the day.   First stop was Bekuit orphanage.  This is a small house orphanage of about 12 ranging in age from 6-15.  They performed several dances and songs for us.   Laura even stepped up and danced with them.

We then piled in the vehicles and headed to the farm.  We were supposed to paint but were having so much fun with each other and the animals that we skipped painting and kept playing.  Vlady prepared a wonderful lunch lunch for us and we had a meal together on the floor of the farm house.

We then headed to the hot springs.  After a slippery hike up the mountain kids enjoyed a swim.  Mason was a definite hit with the older boys allowing them to climb on him and throwing them across the pool.

Mason stepped up and pretended to be Tina's husband in order to get some guy to stop following Tina.  According to John the guy did not care until Mason stood up next to him in the pool and then the guys mouth dropped open and he left.

After drying off and a slippery hike down the mountain we sent the Bakuit kids back to the orphanage and we headed to Baran.  On the way some of us detoured to the fishing pond and netted some fish for dinner.

Tonight for dinner Acel brought her prayer group.  Three college girls joined the women on this trip of dinner and then testamonies.  What a powerful evening.  I am not sure their was a dry eye in the room.  The boys returned as we finished up with some much needed food therapy in the form of ice cream.  After a little more socializing we all headed back to our sleeping places.  It was a 12 hour day of total going but an amazing day emotionally.  John and Julie had the insight to forewarn us that their will be times on our journey that the spirit will just move in and overwhelm your emotions and we saw that several times today.

Time for bed.

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