Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Afternoon

So after lunch we were off to the mountain.   First stop was a little house church to pick up the pastor and staff that were in charge.  This pastor once could use his building as an actual church building.  With the changing times he can no longer safely do that.  So he has cut a whole in a wall connecting a large room to his house.  He has had to remove all religious signs and pictures but still can hold meetings.  Weekly the people come to his home and they worship and study.  

Then we continued up the mountain.  At one point it was a popular winter destination.  Today it is a deserted remote location with giant concrete buildings that are crumbling.  One wall of a large four story building was at about a 45 degree tipping point.

Through the snow and mud we entered your typical soviet building. (Flashbacks of Laura's orphanage)  The room on the second floor contained many mothers, grandmother's and their children bundled and waiting.  Pastor and staff have a presentation and then we presented the boxes. These boxes will be cherished for years and very few would open them there. They were eager to return to their homes to open them where the contents could be kept.

After distributing the gifts we headed down the mountain to the church for tea and snacks.  While there we held a powerful healing prayer service. 

Now we are back in our apartments for some brief down time that was approved by Dawsyn (John was sensitive to Dawsyn's complaint that our last trip elsewhere had too much down time and he wanted to make sure she was good taking a break) 

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