Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Bridgette arrived at breakfast this morning from Canada.  She is one of the Kyrgyz 65 mom's  After trying to adopt two different kids from Kyrgyzstan over the last 6 years she is here for court for her third potential daughter.  Cool story about her daughter is that she was born in Russia after Russia shut down to international adoptions.  But because she was from a Kyrgyz mom Russia sent her to back to Kyrgyzstan and now can be adopted internationally.
We then headed to the Men's home where AP sponsored the floor rennovations.  It was nice to see the rennovations that have continued to take place since we were there in 2011.  Julie Wrights prayer was answered ... she wanted to know how the men there felt about Logan.  Shortly after she vocalized it one of the men came up to her and told her how happy he was to see Logan.  For me it was awesome to reconnect with Larissa and her daughter Tanya.  I was greeted with lots of hugs.  She is such a wonderful person and works so hard for the Men at that home.

We then headed back to the apartment to pick Nadia up who had stayed behind feeling ill. Then it was off to the farm with the Men. Logan and then men had a blast together.  They hit the beach ball back and forth for an hour.  I'm not sure what the rest of the team was up to because we were having too much fun playing ball. 

We headed into the farm house for another amazing lunch.  It was awesome to see the men take Logan under their wing and totally take care of feeding him lunch.  We had plov and duck shashleek.   John then surprised Mason and Charlotte with birthday cakes and the men sang to each.

We headed back outside and Logan set up his train track and entertained the men.  The men were as excited as Logan to watch the trains crash.

Then it was off to the fish pond to take the men fishing. Such joy and excitement for everyone.  We then headed back up the farm to cook and eat the fish. 

We played for a couple more hours. I had so many good conversations with the men and they loved on Logan.  They understand and are living what his future would have been.  They loved watching the videos of all the opportunities he has in my phone. 

Next we headed back to John and Julie's to prepare gift bags for the party for the nationals support staff.

The dinner part was so nice for all of the national workers.  There was a huge feast, great entertainment by Anya's dance group and gifts for all of the nationals.  We were then all blessed with a bottle of honey by Vlady.

Wow what a day!!  It's now 10pm and we are already to crash  because we are back at it tomorrow morning at 8am.  :)  I apologize this post was more about the Men, Logan and I and less about the team.  This is a very special group to me.  Larissa and I have a strong connection through some work we have helped her with and time spent together when we were here before.   The reality is all of these men are what Logan would have become had he stayed in Ukraine so they are dear to me.

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