Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Wow another great day.

We started off delivering supplies to Dr. Tatiana.  She was absolutely thrilled to receive the over $600 worth of test strips we delivered from AP.

We went grocery shopping at the bazaar for the food supplies for the food drops.  We bought carrots, onions potatoes and cabbage in BULK.  Definitely loving Mason's strength today!!

We then headed to their storage garage which has a cellar.  For $10 they can bless a family with food for a month.  Carrots, onions, potatoes, tea, rice, pasta, sugar, salt and cooking oil.  We unloaded our groceries into the storage unit and then prepared 20 bags of food and several bulk food bags

Then we headed out to deliver them.  First stop was the homeless shelter.

Then we headed to Iskara East Village.  This village really touched Hillary.  The whole village prepared a feast for us.  Everyone pitched in and brought what they had to offer (some tables, stools, spoons, food etc)  They set it up in the middle of the dirt road of the village.  Since John and Julie brought water to this village several years ago this village has experienced a baby boom.  In 2011 when we visited there were maybe 20 kids now there are 57.  Sadly in this community many kids are minimally supervised while the parents work. Last year a 2 year old drowned in a drainage ditch.  John and Julie have helped them build a community play ground that is fenced to help the adults that are trying to watch 57 young children keep the kids safe.

We then headed across the road to the garbage dump for the food drop to those living and scavenging for food.  Julie asked that we not take pictures and divinely Tanya (a national) asked to use my camera to take video and pictures - so I have some to share.

Next up was the senior's home.  As we entered one lady grabbed Dawsyn and started aggressively asking where her doll was.  Telling the rest of us she was upset that Dawsyn had promised her a doll and did not bring it.  It really was pretty funny to see Dawsyn's face.  I suspected the lady thought Dawsyn was Bekkah (J&J's daughter).  When we finally returned to the apartment Julie asked Bekkah if she new anything about a doll.  Bekkah sheepishly said yes she was involved in telling the lady she would bring one.  We then were entertain by several on the seniors.  They sang together as a group and then one very feisty man got up and started dancing crazy.  We quickly left before things got to out of control :)

We stopped briefly at headquarters before heading off for another feast !

 Yes that is a table filled with bread!!  That was just the appetizers.....

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