Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flight One Down

We have made it to New York! We have made it thru JFK security and to the gate and are now waiting for the plane. Pretty uneventful so far - keep the prayers coming. We have 6 backpacks, one carry on suitcase and 8 hockey bag size pieces of luggage (only 2 are clothes for us the rest are supplies and donations), Thank you to everyone who gave us donations to take. One of the back packs is filled with toiletries etc for the Somali people stuck in the Moscow airport. We also exchanged some money to leave with them.

Think it should be about 31 hours from when we leave to when we land in Bishkek.

Bransen has decided he needs to talk to as many people as possible this trip. He randomly has been finding questions to ask people. Says he is up to 8 so far - doesn't seem like a lot as there are probably 150 right around us but he is having fun with it.

Mason is still walking around in his own world. Always about 5 seconds late participating in the conversation. He says WHAT? constantly - if he'd get the phone out of his face he might be a little more aware... We are geting a laugh out of it

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