Sunday, April 17, 2011

Post by Robert

Some thoughts from me...about some things that still amaze me.

Julie probably won't post this, but I'm going to write it anyways.
In 2008 (I think, at least thats my best guess) Julie was reading posts by John Wright about the things he was doing over here in Kyrgyzstan.  On one of those posts she read about the invalid mens home John went to visit where many of the men were freezing to death and all the other problems they were facing (total despair, agony, depression, feelings of worthlessness, and many many more).  It really hit home with her and made an impact on her heart.
Julie came to me and said whadda ya think?  I'm sure I put very little thought into the conversation but I'm also sure I thought "sure do something.". Truth is I barely remember the conversation ( I do remember it though) and I'm sure my thoughts were - "We've got everything we could possibly need - so sure give some money or whatever.".   Heres the difference - my thoughts were about what we have - I guarantee Julie's thoughts were about the need over here.
So back to John Wright - yesterday (or the day before or whenever - it's all a serious blur right now) he was reminiscing about that same blog and what was going thru his mind at that time.  He said to me "after visiting the invalid home all I wanted to do was run the other direction.  I did NOT want to go back.". Well, God obviously had other plans.
After Julie and I had the conversation - she emailed John that her heart was touched and that she felt something needed to be done.  I'm not real sure what Johns initial reaction was, but I know he is thrilled now (I figure it was initially "You're kidding me Lord - this lady really is going to make me go back is she?")  Well, no. This lady didn't make him go back - God just used her to push the process along.  He does that with special people.
Now if you've read the blog up to this point - you know we went to the home the other day and we had "swimming" and lunch with about 20 of the men on the first day  The home is FAR from perfect.  BUT we met men who were alive!  Our kids connected with men who cared and just felt great about themselves.  I guarantee that's not how they felt 3 years ago. The caretaker, Larisa, talked about how this past winter no one died.  No one froze to death.  These men now have self worth.  It really hit home when John told me that they were working on getting the men registered.  My thoughts were, to vote, to get mail, to...???  So I asked...registered means what John.  "Registered as a person.  As of now, they don't really exist - but we are working on getting them registered so that they do exist."

Julie helped them "exist" as soon as she read about them in 2008.


  1. You guys are doing such wonderful things!! I cry every time I read this posts!! You are all in our prayers!
    Love and prayers!

  2. Awesome! Just really awesome. Every time we serve the least, we are serving Christ. Well done, good and faithful servants.