Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In Moscow Airport

Killing time in Moscow airport. Another four hours or so before our flight to Bishkek.

We found the Somalis and gave them the supplies we brought. There are only 2 left. Both men said they hope to get out of here in two weeks. For those that don't know there were a group of 20+ Somalis that have been stuck in this airport for months. They were conned to think that they were escaping their country. They gave all of their papers and money to somoene to help them flee from Somalia to Canada. The person led them from Somalia to this airport and then took their papers, money and disappeared. Without a passport and appropriate papers they cannot leave. They are living in a hallway. They sleep on a stack of mats and blankets that have been left behind for them. We left them some toiletries, food and money. They were so grateful.

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