Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We started out the morning with a trip to the baby hospital. The facility was clean and you could tell the Wrights and teams had done some work. The system is so different than American hospitals. Here there is a room with 2-4 twin bed frames. If a child is sick and needs to come to the hospital the mother must bring them. They must also provide their own mattresses, blankets and food. The mother and baby stay in the room together with the mom taking care of the child.
We met a little girl named Rosa who had been abandoned at the hospital weeks earlier. She was so cute – yet so small. She was so sensitive to touch. If you caressed her hand with your finger she would almost flinch. After a while she started to smile.
We then moved to the newborn room. There were two babies there. One was a few months old and slept the whole time the other was only four days old and had been abandoned. They placed the baby in Roberts’s arms and the head doctor asked for us to name her. Robert spoke up not realizing they were serious.- thru blog reading I knew they were. After he realized how serious they were he chose the name Julia for her. Dawsyn got to hold Julia and spent the rest of the day asking to bring home Juliia.
So now Dawsyn wants to bring home Julie and the boys want Sasha.
After the baby hospital we went back to the apartment and got ready to go to the hot springs. We met a group of 80 kids from Red River Orphanage at the hot springs. The large pool was supposed to be open – they had called ahead – but was not. So the group was divided into boys and girls. The girls went into the small pool first while the boys hiked the mountain. Then they switched. Mason did such a good job with the boys. Most of these guys were between the ages of 10-15. All of the kids have some sort of disability (a cleft lip is considered a disability) Mason allowed the boys to climb on his back and he gave them dolphin rides thru the water.
We got to see tow of the boys whose parents have been waiting two years to bring them home. What great boys – so well behaved and cute.
After swimming and hiking all the kids were given puffed popcorn, a juice box and a piece of chocolate. Then all 80 kids plus caregivers climbed back on a bus and went back. We headed over to Jayne and David’s for an American dinner.

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