Monday, April 4, 2011

NO - We will not be bringing home another child!!

Ok, the number one question we have been asked about this trip is are we bringing back another child? The answer is NO! I can say that pretty confidently too as Kyrgyzstan has been closed to international adoptions for two years now. That doesn't mean God won't break our hearts even more for the kids in the orphanages. It just means legally it isn't possible.

Unfortunately there are 65 families that have seen the child they had hoped to adopt years ago that are stuck in the legal nightmare. Families that have held and loved on their to be adopted kids only to be told now that they cannot have them. Most of theses kids have some sort of medical challenge - cleft lip, hydrocephally, cerebral palsy, heart defects etc.. Sadly two of the kids have died waiting to be adopted - their hope of medical intervention tied up in the paper work. Pray for those families. They are two years into a nightmare they wait and pray for their child while governments continue to change the rules.

So we are not planning to bring any kids home with us. Only to go and spend time showing them love. We are really excited about this part of the trip. When John, Julie and family visited they told us some of the things we might get to do. John being the wise man he is picked up on the things our kids like to do and has incorporated those into things we will get to do. Mason loves hockey - we hope to take a group of orphans or kids from the garbage dump ice skating. The girls will get to choose whether we take a group of girls to the circus or to the ballet. And if all goes as planned Bransen will be taking a group of older boys from the orphanage out to golf.

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